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Brucey(Posted May) [#1]
Hallo :-)

Would someone who know what they are doing, like to try testing out the IPv6 socket support in NG please?
Or show me some example code I can play with? ... perhaps a basic client/server thing.

The "Host" functions have changed a bit - they now return Strings instead of Ints for IP addresses.
Calling HostIps() should get you a list of all IPs, both v4 and v6.

Some functions now have a "family" argument, which lets you work on a specific protocl, or any : AF_UNSPEC_ , AF_INET_ or AF_INET6_

The new AddrInfo() function :
Function AddrInfo:TAddrInfo[](host:String, service:String = "http", family:Int = AF_UNSPEC_)

Returns an array of "TAddrInfo" based on the supplied details. An instance of which can be passed into TSocket.Connect().

The idea of passing the "info" into the socket is to try to make using the different protocols easier - the info holds details of the particular protocol.

If anything else needs adding or is missing, please let me know.