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skidracer(Posted 2015) [#1]
And I take my hat off to Brucey, I shuffled off to bed last night with warm glow after bathing in light of GTK2 Pi BlitzMax toolchain goodness.

First niggle was GetText for ComboGadget. After fixing this I now have return key being swallowed, so Enter and Escape keys don't work so well in my find requester - (the combo box has focus and is Editable)

Stream Read and Write use count:Long so I would like to see if we can implement this in BlitzMax32. In the mean time is there a ?NG compiler flag I cant test for?

I have fixed the tab stop and made 1024 multiplier 128 to match modern MaxGUI convention.

Moving to a standard line height of 20 px for my Combo and Buttons Gadgets make them all look great.

Anyways, will post some screenies once I get the hang of scrot.

Derron(Posted 2015) [#2]

as "vanilla" falls back to "false" for everything "not known", you are able to use this and "not ?bmxng" for things "happening in all cases" (when compiled with vanilla bmx).

If things "fail" with NG and not with vanilla:
- might be a platform issue (you said "raspi" - which might mean you are using the SDL-module and its system-drivers)
- might be something the less "strict" vanilla bcc compiles differently (you coded it in a way, it just "works")
- might be a bug with NG

Edit: List of conditionals of NG (bcc-ng-source: parser.bmx, Function EvalS$( source$,ty:TType )):

debug release threaded
macos macosx86 macosppc macosx64 osx osxx86 osxppc osxx64 ios iosx86 iosx64 iosarmv7 iosarm64
win32 win32x86 win32x64 win64
linux linuxx86 linuxx64 linuxARM
android androidx86 androidx64 androidarm androidarmeabi androidarmeabiv7a androidarm64v8a
raspberrypi raspberrypiARM
emscripten emscriptenjs
ppc x86 x64 arm armeabi armeabiv7a arm64v8a js armv7 arm64
ptr32 ptr64
bigendian littleendian

-> so you might also use ?ptr64 or ?x64 for your conditionals

NG also allows for "conditional expressions" ("?x64 and raspberrypi")
But as vanilla does not support this, the only way to circumvent this, is to have two included files (?bmxng \n include x \n ?not bmxng include y). Within the NG-bmx file you could use the advanced conditional feature ... but uhmm.. better stay of making things more complicated than needed :-)


skidracer(Posted 2015) [#3]

Brucey(Posted 2015) [#4]
If you find/fix any problems, I'd really appreciate the raising of some issues if you get a moment. (eg. for gtk at )

Thanks :-)

skidracer(Posted 2015) [#5]

You have new issues :)

Not sure what to do with OK and Cancel type buttons.

GTK expects user to cycle through gadgets in a window and the return key is for selecting the active gadget so return key bound to OK is not that simple an expectation.

The Escape key on the other hand should be doable. So for Cancel Button types an Escape key handler could be added to parent frame or something. Or maybe Escape is already firing a Window should close event...