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QuickSilva(Posted 2009) [#1]
When I create a BMax file and place it on my desktop I get a small white page icon with a small BMax logo inside of it. Is there a way to get just the BMax icon without the white page behind it?

This wasn`t an issue in Windows XP but on Vista the icon doesn`t look correct. Is this just standard Vista behaviour?


plash(Posted 2009) [#2]
That happens because .bmx files are opened with the maxide but the .bmx format has not been registered.

This is for XP, but it should be the same or very similar in vista.

QuickSilva(Posted 2009) [#3]
Thanks for the link but still no joy with Vista despite being an easy fix in XP.

I`m not sure where to find the relevant settings under Vista that you would use on XP.

Incidentally, this also happens with the installer version of BMax so maybe that could be updated in the next release?


QuickSilva(Posted 2009) [#4]
OK the problem is solved when I install the old 1.18 version which seems to set everything up correctly but if I remove it I`m left with the same problem again. How can I set this manually in Vista?