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Mortiis(Posted 2008) [#1]
I'm having a blue screen displaying "IRQL not less or equal" randomly on Win Xp Pro sp2. Anyone familiar with this one?

Perturbatio(Posted 2008) [#2]
It's usually a memory error. try re-seating your RAM and check cables, if it still occurs, run a memory test

Dreamora(Posted 2008) [#3]
I get this error every now and then. Restart and everything is fine again ... would guess it has to do with my old DDR2 RAM and the "slightly" overclocked FSB ...

TaskMaster(Posted 2008) [#4]
More often than not, an IRQL Not Less Than error is hardware related. Update your drivers, especially for video, sound, and network.

Mortiis(Posted 2008) [#5]
I found the problem. Asus drivers were causing the problem. I uninstalled those drivers, especially the Gamer OSD thingy and installed the nvidia drivers. It's just fine now.

xlsior(Posted 2008) [#6]
Congrats -- those issues are notoriously hard to troubleshoot, glad it worked out for you.