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dawlane(Posted 2007) [#1]
First things first "Don't hold a grudge" if these tips are a little in accurate and they are aimed at people with a little know how.

As I write this I'm currently compiling wxWidgets-2.6.3 (will let you know if I get it to compile. Keep getting conflicting declaration 'typdef int boolean' in jmorecfg.h)

First I installed MINGW (not onto the drive that holds the OS though you can do it).

Next I had to set up some Enviroment variables to let Windows know where to find MinGW(there are two ways to do this
1... Create a batch file (the safe method) like the sample below.
2... Edit the Windows Enviroment Variable Directly (not recommended unless you plan on using MSYS)

Sample batch file...
@echo off

echo MinGW Enviroment Command Console
echo ....
echo ....

set MINGWLIBEXEC = %MINGWROOT%\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2
set MINGWBIN2 = %MINGWROOT%\mingw32\bin
set MINGWLIB2 = %MINGWROOT%\mingw32\lib\ldscripts

rem to add more resource paths just use the set command like above and then add it to the set PATH like below




The next thing that may get in the way is the new file 'permissions' that M$ have implemented for security.
If so just edit the offending files(or folder) 'permissions' to inclued your user name with 'read/write/modify/execute' permissions.

There is a small problem with using MSYS....
patch.exe, install.exe and install-info.exe will always give you 'permission denied'.

These are not trapped by the UAC under the msys shell and will not give you the 'continue/password' dialog box. They can be got round by adding the Msys bin directory to the PATH variable in a batch file and running it as administrator.

Well I hope the info will helpful.
And let me know if I missed some thing.

JazzieB(Posted 2007) [#2]
Wow, that's a lot of environment variables. I found the solution below worked for me, and didn't require as much work.

I work with UAC turned off, so this may also be required as part of the solution above, but I haven't checked.