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Marco A G Pinto(Posted 2012) [#1]

Sorry for being annoying.

I was wondering if the developers could code a workaround in order for the buttons to accept images.

People told me to use active panels and also suggested the use of another extension... but, if it works in the other extension, that means it can also work in the normal GUI one that comes with BlitzMax.

Thanks for your time!

Kind regards,
>Marco A.G.Pinto

Takis76(Posted 2012) [#2]
Yes , I have said the same , there is lack of image buttons. MaxGui Developer seems to abandoded his module as most of developers here and gave open source of the module for free.

We newbies here who discover this language , we got late at least 6 years , because we have missed many things that not exist anymore.

Sometime I will purchase the GuiLogic which have and the image extension. So far , I use canvas for my image buttons , I draw one image with the shape of one button and when I click on the canvas , I change the graphic on the canvas and make the effect of fake button.

I tried the panel option but I didn't liked it , you can't make the panels sunken are raised on runtime and give the effect of button.

As I see the language only is not enough , you will need to purchase few extensions , or if you manage to compile some old modules from here then you will enrich your useful module collection.

My opinion is if you are new as me , try to test what works and what compiles and purchase and few modules and when you collect the modules you need for your games you will be nice.

So far , I have my MaxGui working with my fake canvas and I will purchase and Logic Gui with image buttons extension later on.
Then I will purchase ifsoGui because other guis I saw , few work , but have a lots of bugs and some are completely discontinued or abandoned.

The language alone does the 80% of the job you need if you want to have some more bells and whistles , try some toys you will find here , the place is rich with toys , there are many gems here and you will find and broken toys.

I am very happy , people here will help you to fix some of the errors you will find. I don't have much patience and I don't know how to fix the broken toys, but people try to do the best.

Imagine you are in a huge old container with programming tools.