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Bobysait(Posted 2016) [#1]
I'm having an issue while posting in the code archive.
It seems like a "forum-bug" (and As there is no section for that, It was a blitzmax code I tried to post, so, the winner section is this one, Congrats !)

it doesn't happen on a codebox/code on the forum, it just happens on the code part of the archive (the main top post containing the code)

here is what made the forum bug :

Field _icons:TPixmap[];		' extracted pixmaps from a TIconStrip

and after removing the comment, it worked but failed later on this :

Method SetIconStrip(pStrip:TIconStrip)
		If pStrip=Null Throw "Icon Strip is Null."
		' pixmaps from the Icon Strip
		Self.pixmaps = New TPixmap[pStrip.Count]
		For Local i:Int = 0 Until Self.pixmaps.length
			Self.pixmaps[i] = pStrip.ExtractIconPixmap(i)
		' update the panels with the new fresh Icons

I tried to replace every "Strip" with "StrXp" and "Icon" with "Ic0n", it failed too.

I have absolutely no idea on what produice the error

ps : I've been banned 3 times for several minutes just for trying to post a code in the archive, so, I must admit I' was a bit annoyed ...

GW(Posted 2016) [#2]
I've had this too, but never figured out what caused it. I just had to strip out comments until it finally worked. In my case I'm pretty sure it was crashing the server every time i hit 'Post' so I just tried to solve it as fast as possible.

skidracer(Posted 2016) [#3]
Blacklisted by the server is one thing but repeatedly triggering the issue and possibly causing the database to fail could have caused inconvenience for all of us so it is a good thing you reduced the issue / cause so well. Nice!

Bobysait(Posted 2016) [#4]

It seems like a "forum-bug" (and As there is no section for that, It was a blitzmax code I tried to post, so, the winner section is this one, Congrats !)

Because I couldn't find a home for this.
As it was a blitzmax code I was trying to post, I thought it could be sort of a good joke or kind of :)

ps : I didn't feel like the server crashed when I posted, it just showed me a more explicit 404 page like I just failed to get the page, so it was only a personnal issue that only affected me.

Derron(Posted 2016) [#5]
repeatedly triggering the issue

There are some options to format your bmax code which the forum just do not like. If you try to post it - you get an 500 (internal server error). Post it again - and you have a good chance for a crash, post it the third time, and you crash the server (15-30min until restart).

I reported some of the bugged coded ... not for all I got responses. So some will still crash the server.

@ crashs
I dunno how a bad parser will crash the whole server (or at least the server-process). It might kill that explicit PHP-"run", but should not kill php or the server itself.

There is no need to parse something in the code at all: just sanitize inputs when they come in, and encode it properly when printing potential html code to a textarea (aka the user).
Even if people would send in "evil jscript" your only concern is that this code is not evaluated on the user site (html encoding).

Everything regarding styling/highlighting is then done on the client side with eg. highlight.js.

That above isn't done (or not done properly) is what creates a bad feeling regarding your account data. Also I do not know why there is still the issue with the db connections from time to time. I once had "maximum connections reached" for MySQL on an old 1.x GHz single core server 10 years ago - when ~1000 people tried to visit my website in the same time (seconds...not minutes, thanks "Little Fighter 2" :-))).
Even then you could think about persistent connections...

Sorry, for nitpicking that specific sub-topic of the thread.


skidracer(Posted 2016) [#6]
Ron, sorry for lack of responses.

I think the code archive box may have been overlooked when exceptions were added for the previous case you helped pinpoint.

I suspect christmas lights coming down will be only signal that this issue has been sorted but the chatter on bb.facebook seems to indicate Mark is on it.

GW(Posted 2016) [#7]
For me i remember this site and the monkey site would be offline for about a min after each attempt.