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BIG BUG(Posted 2007) [#1]
Ok, thats not a bug but it would be very useful to have such commands:

-EntityID / IDEntity like EntityName, but stores an integer. It could be used to store an object handle or array index within an entity. Very useful when using the internal collision system combined with types or arrays.

-EntityExists returns true, if the supplied variable refers to a valid entity, false if the entity no longer exists. Keeping track of deleted entities could be sometimes very long winded, especially if you stay to clean coding.
If you want to attach a sound to an entity for example, you can have a separate "sound engine", which does the complete handling. If the entity is deleted, the engine could stop the sound by itself.

These commands would be useful like hell and I guess they wouldn't be that difficult to implement in B3D...

What do YOU think?

Beaker(Posted 2007) [#2]
Not a bug. Not in BlitzPlus. Wrong forum?

EntityID - something like this is already in b3dSDK, and might appear in the next release of Blitz3D.

EntityExists - this has been discussed many times before, I suspect it won't ever happen, and in my opinion isn't necessary.