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Space Fractal(Posted 2006) [#1]
I have used about 2 hours to found out this command seen not to like relativ paths (wich I really need). It does only like absolut path.

I tried to doing something like that:

ChangeDir ProgramDir$+"bin\"
ExecFile CD$
ChangeDir ProgramDir$

My program may been started without a start path (so It find it self, using the default installationspath), if it dosent have one, execfile muck up.

ChangeDir do not change the current dir in windows, but only in Blitz (a same problem I saw in a another application trouch).

It seen ChangeDir does not set the current directory when executing files (I got ExecFile part to work). THis is why the externatinal application fail.

All I need is to create a batfile, and use this file to run that application (to force changedir correct), but how can I hide the dos window?

(Tried that but it never started the bat file if no path was defined. If it was a exe, it works fine, but works very bad)


That all
Space Fractal

PS. Can a mod change the topic to "a changedir problem" and/or move it to BlitzPlus Programming? (sorry)

Stamm(Posted 2010) [#2]
you can hode dos windows by opening them with createprocess

Stamm(Posted 2010) [#3]
Sorry fo my not very helpful answer, you can do this otherwise:
cd$=programdir+"bin\config.exe";DO NOT add extra quotes with Chr(34) in file paths!!
execfile cd