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DjBigWorm(Posted 2005) [#1]
Ok, I have a game made with blitz plus. It runs on full screen mode 320x240 (I Know old school). I can run the game on any of my desktop computers windows xp latest update cpu ranging from 500mhz to 2.8. Ok I am a big fanatic when it comes to perfect graphics sync (God bless double buffer:) I recently saved up enough to get myself a laptop averatec 6110a 512 meg shared mem sis chipset hmm latest drivers xp home edition. latest on all drivers
The problem is I run the game form compiler or final exe. I scroll the screen around and the top 10 percent of the screen tears. I didn't think anything about it I thought that maybe lcd and crt were a little different. I changed my code a little bit played with vwait and flip. Sure Enough synced perfect.(the lcd and crt are both 60 hrz my game is optimized to work on that frame rate). I played my new updated game on my crt monitor and the sync was off a bit. hmm ok i changed it back to the old style and my crt synced perfect again. not tearing effect. ok I use my laptop a lot and I just got lazy and ran the code that worked good on my crt monitor based computers. when I was in full screen mode yes the screen had a tearing effect toward the top (on the laptop). I pressed alt+tab and went to windows desktop then I tabbed again to my already running game and wah lah!!! Not tearing effect. I have tried it many times and it works fine after i start the game then alt+tab or just by pressing the windows button next to the ctrl key. Any Insight on this would be cool
The game can be downloaded here
it is called megazero

Thanks Mark and support team you are the greatest!!!!