CountGfxDrivers() never find second monitor?

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Space Fractal(Posted 2005) [#1]
As I read in the manual:

Some computers may have more than one video card and/or video driver installed...

But all it does it a list of aviable graphics mode, like Native, DirectX, but it never find the second screen, so either the help is completly wrong or the command dosen't work on a ATI 9600 Graphic card I have (using dual mode)?

Im have a dll, that change the desktop resoulution in the primary monitor, and using a fullscreen canvas to perfom my application, but I'm a seing to make a dual screen support for my application, but the command is very limithed and does not work?

All I need is using gadget canvas in primary (works fine) and a directX or such on mode on the second monitor.