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Space Fractal(Posted 2005) [#1]
- First I create a window, using CreateWindow.
- I Setbuffer to a canwas, used on it.
- I delete that window again.
- I Free all object, but not the buffer (there are none command to doing - that)
- I Recreate the window agian.

When I trying to setbuffer the same canvas again, Blitz+ Crash with a internal error.

How do I make a workaround in this Bug?

Beaker(Posted 2005) [#2]
It's not a bug. A canvas is a gadget, and when you free the window, the canvas is free'd also (because it is a child of the window).

You can use FreeGadget to free the canvas.

You must re-create the canvas after killing the window.

Space Fractal(Posted 2005) [#3]
I have alleready doing that Beaker have said, but it dosent work for secound time (Im create that window in a function).

If course Im also recreate the canvas after Im killing the window (I free all gadgets before doing that).

But Blitz+ crash with a Internatal Error (or sometime a C++ error) in that command. If there was a error in my code, it should not crash like that.

Here is the screenshot:

I got a workaround, that dosent create the window again, because of this again. Using user32.dll is great (SetWindowState WINDOW,9).

Beaker(Posted 2005) [#4]
Ah! I'e had that error before, but I can't remember what caused it. It was definitely canvas related, and definitely workaround-able, but annoying all the same.

BlitzSupport(Posted 2005) [#5]
Are you able to post some code we can run?

Space Fractal(Posted 2005) [#6]
I trying to recreate the code again. When if I make that alone with a simple exameple, there was no problemo.

My guess it may due to that many images I using for my application (fonts). I have some month ago have a simular issues, when I tried to load a another "skin", that use a lots of Font Images.

But If I hit that bug again with a simple code, I went back, but I do not want my 150kb source here in forum....

Stamm(Posted 2010) [#7]
my canvases also dont work...
always error message from windows asking if i wanted to send error report to microsoft