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Kcarlino(Posted 2005) [#1]
Over 1 year there was some forum exchange concerning BlitzPlus (and Blitz3D) programs failing to run properly on Windows XP Tablet Edition PCs. I have users of my software still reporting this failure and I have replicated it with a borrowed Tablet PC which I don't have at the moment. It's quite strange because it's almost random. Some executeables work and some don't. I've even taken some of the samples that ship with BlitzPlus and see the failure. I didn't find a pattern but this is what I know.
- The failure is the program exits suddenly without warning or messages soon after starting.
- I've see the failure in both stand-alone executables and those run from the IDE.
- If it fails it always fails. Meaning something in the code seems to impact it.
- Very small programs (the Blitz samples reduced in size) even fail.

Is there any information or other knowledge about this?

Thank You,

Ken Carlino

iamnothing(Posted 2005) [#2]
I'm not sure why, either. But I've noticed it consistently on my Acer Tablet since I bought it. Some things work and others do not. I would love to know why, but I haven't found any consistency. So for now, I'm looking at buying a $300 Dell to do any B3D work and use 3D World Studio (I use BMax on my Mac).

Mustang(Posted 2005) [#3]
Have you checked this:


Playing around with compatibility options, I found the solution to this problem. Right-click on the executable you wish to run and select "Properties". From there select the "Compatibility" tab. There is an option called "Turn off advanced text services for this program". Select this option and hit "OK". Now your programs should run!

This turns off the handwriting and speech recognition built into WinXP Tablet Edition. Blitz executables are quite happy to run at that point. I will warn you, you can't just turn the whole screen into a text recognition area and expect it to work. *FROWN* You'll probably need to use a keyboard for text entry (I have the Toshiba Portege M200 which has the keyboard built in).

Kcarlino(Posted 2005) [#4]
This is great and fixes the issues my Tablet users have had using TwistedBrush!!! Thanks for passing the information along.

Ken Carlino