Graphics invisible when using ScaleImage?

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matt!(Posted 2016) [#1]
graphics are invisible using this code

Const scaledown# = 0.85
If (scaledown <> 1)
ScaleImage alienimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage electrodeimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage heartimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage waveimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage explodeimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage humanimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage playerimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage bulletimage,scaledown,scaledown
ScaleImage powerupsimage,scaledown,scaledown
End If

without this code the graphics display fine?

using Windows 7, Windows 10 or WINE.

Floyd(Posted 2016) [#2]
Are you scaling each image once? That should work.

But if you did this repeatedly it would quickly scale down to nothing.