Arrays causing random crashes in B3D ?

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Blitzplotter(Posted 2011) [#1]
Hi, please find below an array I was using to hold 4 different camera positions:

and this was populating them with dummy data:

Now, my code is quite big. However, I started getting random crashes during execution. Usually 5 - 30 seconds after running. Commenting out the array I was going to use for camera locations had resolved it.

I can only presume the array is taking some memory from somewhere it shouldn't. I'm on W7.

Floyd(Posted 2011) [#2]
I'll take a guess that camaw should be 5.

Yasha(Posted 2011) [#3]
1) Shouldn't those field be floats? DOes that make a difference?

2) Have you tried running in Debug mode? Does it stop the crash, or give extra information? More importantly, where is the crash?

3) What happens if you use a flat array? Still crash? (<irritatingpedant>This is the "right" way when you find yourself using field consts, by the way</irritatingpedant>)

(If it does, at least that means the error is with your code and not B3D.)

The idea that there might be a bug in a core language feature like arrays is rather worrying!

Blitzplotter(Posted 2011) [#4]
@Floyd, the numbers are [EDIT - FAR FROM, doh!] irrelevant, they were just place holders.

@Yashsa, thanks for taking the time to help analyze my problem. Unfortunately I'm using and when I attempt a debug compile it stops on the fact that Graphics3D is not set. I do not believe this is the problem.

I've uncommented my array definition code and I am not actually changing any of the vars at run time within the array.

This pops up in the blitzcc.exe:-

Files that help describe the problem:

AFTER I've stopped my application running on occasion?

Floyd, you were bang on 6 is outside of the array therfore writing over some random place in memory. Whoops. Thanks!!!!

Suppose I'll have to go back to my 2200 word report on Biometric Security scanning devices now - *cringe* only 1500 words to go.

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