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Shifty Geezer(Posted 2010) [#1]
This problem has now been traced to something specific to Blitz3D and its relationship with Adobe Flash v10.1

On Windows XP and Windows 7, Blitz versions 1.98 and 1.105, when a .dll includes the Adobe Flash .ocx for version 10.1 of Flash (flash10h.ocx), execution of Blitz3D is interrupted as if a Stop command is issued. Within debug mode in the IDE, execution can be performed stepwise, or resumed only to stop again a random moment later. This happens with both the BlitzFlash plugin from Accode (discontinued) which I am using, and a simple proprietary Flash .dll written to replace BlitzFlash on the belief that it was this wrapper at fault. This problem does not exist with older versions of Flash.

This zip contains relevant debugging materials: - Blitz test code
BLexample.swf - 200x200 pixel test animation
BLFlash .dll and .decls - User lib
BLFlash.cpp - C++ source code to the library

It's a primitive wrapper with some hardcoded values like location of the Flash .ocx and a 200x200 pixel Flash size. There's also a bug that causes an application error in XP on closing the app, which isn't related to the Flash bug.

Also needed is the latest version of Flash from Adobe, which installs Flash10h.ocx.

Having just paid for marketing, this bizarre bug has killed years of development just as it's released, so I'd *really* appreciate a solution! Thanks.