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Henrik(Posted 2010) [#1]

GIB3D(Posted 2010) [#2]
Works fine for me and I'm using the same drivers.

dawlane(Posted 2010) [#3]
@GIB3D but are you using the same OS?

Windows 7 (64bit) (haven't tried this with Vista (32bit) yet) with the latest drivers produces the same result. I would suggest trying one of the older nVidia display drivers as it looks like Blitz3D is having problems with drivers newer than 186.18. See here

Henrik(Posted 2010) [#4]
Thanks for testing this.

Yes it works on my wifes pc with the older driver, but i think i stay with the new driver as i found some ways to avoid this error "see the code". In the game i'm working on it was only in the menu and the highscore table i had this problem because i used masked images with the same size as the screen at location 0,0, in windowed mode. The rest of the game use tilemaps,so it was easy to fix it.


Henrik(Posted 2010) [#5]
Nvidia have many problems with that driver 196.21 it seems:

Maybe i should install the old driver again.


GIB3D(Posted 2010) [#6]
"@GIB3D but are you using the same OS?"
Windows XP