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Gillissie(Posted 2007) [#1]
Actually, it may also be an XP issue, but I didn't really test it there. All I know is that with the exact same compiled in 1.98 on Vista, my full-screen game can be alt-tabbed to the desktop, and restored properly. With 1.99, restoring results in all kinds of missing graphics. I'm surprised by this, given that one of the major features of 1.99 is to fix lossed graphics issues. I didn't add any code to indicate dirty buffers, but I would think that behavior would at least be the same or better without changing or adding code.

DGuy(Posted 2007) [#2]
Are your graphics stored in video memory (Flag 256) or system memory?

My tests under XP and Vista, using both my app and demo apps include with B3D, showed that using video memory for my surfaces would cause random graphic corruptions: Sometimes they where visible, sometimes they where black, sometimes they where corrupted, sometimes they where fine.

Sometimes the corruption would happen within the same run! I.e. I'd alt-tab or log-out and upon return my graphics would be foo'ed. I'd alt-tab or log-out again and upon return my graphics would be fine !?! Again this was when placing graphics into video memory.

Moving everything into system memory, solved all issues with corrupt graphics.

This may be why the release notes recommend using video memory only for graphics that are updated frequently

Gillissie(Posted 2007) [#3]
I generally don't use the 256 flag, so I don't know how Blitz handles all the graphics by default. I can't imagine that it puts everything in system memory because that would be very slow. That is, unless it keeps a COPY of the graphics in system memory and moves it to video memory as needed. I dunno. All I know is 1.99 causes lots of graphical issues that 1.98 doesn't have.

Abrexxes(Posted 2007) [#4]
Yep, the same as my Createtexture bug in this section. But not VISTA is the problem , the newest drivers from nvidia are the problem.

At the moment i have this:

ATI, no known poblems.

nVIDIA 06.14.0010.xxxx = everything ok
nVIDIA < 256flag doesnt work
nVIDIA < 256 works but 1,2,4 works not.

If you have the newest driver you can create a texture in vram without other flags, otherwise you risk to have only a few fps because blitz is not using the vram. It would be nice if blitzresearch can say something about that.

mongia2(Posted 2007) [#5]
i have same problem with alpha

loadtexture (path$,2)

Xaron(Posted 2009) [#6]
Has this been fixed lately? Any solutions? Looks like DX7 gets now really unsupported by the graphics card companies...