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_33(Posted 2007) [#1]

System: Amd Opteron 165 dual core, 2GB ram, Windows XP SP2 profesionnal french canadian language.

Problem: blitcc.exe crashes when trying to play IT files using PlayMusic function after several seconds. Also, IT files seem wrongly interpreted as pitch bends skyrocket notes 4 octaves up when they should do a simple note slide. IT filters not properly supported, not to mention samples in IT files cracling due to no interpolation of output wave.

I have no idea if the problem is just FMOD, or if it's the way it's implemented in Blitz3D. This is music I have created that will be used for a game called Roy Caverna, written in Blitz+. I've tried the music on Blitz3D with very bad results.

Thanks for any support on these issues.


[EDIT] Sorry, this is a Blitz3D bug report!

Abrexxes(Posted 2007) [#2]
What for a program you use to create it files?

If you use modplug...forget it.


Réno(Posted 2007) [#3]
Try to insert SetBuffer(BackBuffer()) before "Repeat"...


Damien Sturdy(Posted 2007) [#4]

Try to insert SetBuffer(BackBuffer()) before "Repeat"...

Not the problem... ;) Its a sound problem, and its a known issue with bltiz3D (maybe even fmod- I don't really remember)

QuickSilva(Posted 2007) [#5]
Strange, works fine on .it files that I try. What version of Blitz are you using? I`m sure that Mark updated fmod at one point.

I`m using version 1.98


_33(Posted 2007) [#6]
version 1.98

It is true that the IT mods I'm playign are created with Mod Plug 1.16, yet they play fine in XMPLAY which uses BASS.

Abrexxes(Posted 2007) [#7]
That is true. Modplug is not able to produce real it files. It creates some kinds of *.it bastards with lots of difference. BASS makes some deals with it files created with modplug. Fmod dont do that. If you want that Fmod (Blitzbasic) play them exact you must use a programm that is able to creat "real"*.it files.

Here some info

Conclusion: If you use "real" Impulsetracker files, you have no problems with blitz/bass and fmod.


_33(Posted 2007) [#8]
Finally, Réno Ho sent me a Blitz+ player to try out my tracks for one of his project, on his own Blitz+ powered player. It does not crash.

Yet, IT file support in miniFMOD or FMOD is terrible. A lot of sound errors, no filter, Q support, and some errors managing change in col balance adjustments.

So I'd say yes there is a problem playing IT files in Blitz, but there is a bigger problem playing IT files in Blitz3D.