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Lane(Posted 2006) [#1]
TabTip.exe interferes with Blitz

TabTip.exe is a microsoft product for handwriting recognition on Tablet PC's.
Blitz compiled apps and run from the IDE will not run if this exe is in memory. Something about hooks to video memory. Kill it off in Task Manager.
You will loose hand writing recognition but Blitz will now work.
Some reports show that killing off TabTip.exe will make your system unstable. I have not found this to be the case.

FlameDuck(Posted 2006) [#2]
Or just "Turn off advanced text services for this Application" from the programs "Compatibility" Menu.

Amanda Dearheart(Posted 2006) [#3]
Hiya Lane and Flameduck,

I just reported this problem in another thread two days ago. I had better luck with Flameduck's suggestion about right-clicking the program and enabling the advanced text messages box.

But this brings up another problem. IMOP, I don't think the 'end-user', 'customer' of any of my products should have to go through this rigamarole just to play my game. Life is hard enough already. People are getting used to the Plug 'n' Play feature of IBM's nowadays, and professional, or independent game designers should adhere to that philosophy!

Therefore, do either of you know of a way to kill off Tabtip.exe from within a Blitz program, either by a blitz command or through a third-party .dll.

If you don't, will you join me and we'll 'thread' Mr. Sibly of Blitz Research until he's red in the face until he'll add a feature to do this!

FlameDuck(Posted 2006) [#4]
If you don't, will you join me and we'll 'thread' Mr. Sibly of Blitz Research until he's red in the face until he'll add a feature to do this!
Well I think a better solution would be to make Blitz3D applications work with Advanced text services running. I know BlitzMAX doesn't have the same problem (and neither does BlitzPlus or BlitzBasic), so it should be 'fairly' easy to isolate the problem.

Amanda Dearheart(Posted 2006) [#5]

That's a brilliant suggestion. Do you know the trick to this?

Stone(Posted 2006) [#6]
The thing about this bug is that the Blitz application doesn't even start. "Hello World" in console mode won't run. That means that to fix it would require my writing a 'C' program that sets the registry -> Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers"; ValueType: string; ValueName: "{application}"; ValueData: "DISABLECICERO"
, then call the real program. Sigh. I wonder if an easy solution would the ability to set a flag where Blitz3D never opens a window until it hits a "Graphics" statment. The flash of a black window is not a plus to customers anyway.

Amanda Dearheart(Posted 2006) [#7]
Well, its been 8 months since the last post on this thread. Has anyone found a solution to the problem yet!