Linepick bug (failure) on Terrain

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RemiD(Posted 2013) [#1]

A bug which has already been discussed here :

Linepick sometimes fails to return a pickedpickable (a mesh set as pickable), and it seems to be a problem only with terrains. See the debug infos in the example below :

This is a major bug, i hope this will be fixed.


RemiD(Posted 2014) [#2]
A solution to prevent this bug to cause weird behaviors in your app/game :
Let's say that there are a pickable terrain and pickable meshes.
Let's say that the linepick is from above to below and will go through the terrain if no others pickable meshes have been picked.
If pickedentity returns nothing, it means that the terrain should have been picked but hasn't, so what you can do in this case is to use TerrainY(StartPointX,0,StartPointZ) to find the coordinates of the picked point on the terrain which should have been picked.