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Mustang(Posted 2013) [#1]
Allrighty, I have a problem... I have 64-bit Windows 8 on a laptop and Blitz just doesn't seem to work any more... I have a very simple code now and I get "image doesn't exist..."

Directory is correct according to the print, but images doesn't draw (image is in the directory as the .bb).

; LoadImage and DrawImage example

; Declare a variable to hold the graphic file handle
Global gfxPlayer

; Set a graphics mode
Graphics 640,480,16

; Set drawing operations for double buffering
SetBuffer BackBuffer()

; Load the image and assign its file handle to the variable
; - This assumes you have a graphic called player.bmp in the
; same folder as this source code

; Let's do a loop where the graphic is drawn wherever the
; mouse is pointing. ESC will exit.
While Not KeyHit(1)
Cls ; clear the screen

Print CurrentDir$()

DrawImage gfxPlayer,MouseX(),MouseY() ; Draw the image!
Flip ; flip the image into view and clear the back buffer

Floyd(Posted 2013) [#2]
Do the sample programs that come with Blitz3D work? Try one that loads an image.

I don't have any trouble with Windows 7 64-bit with compatibility mode for Blitz3D.exe set to Windows XP(Service pack 3).

And as a reality check, are you sure the image exists? The code is loading test.jpg but the comment refers to player.bmp.

Mustang(Posted 2013) [#3]
That comment is from the example code, my actual image is "test.jpg" - or so I thought!

GOD DAMN WINDOWS 8 PIECE OF S... I have just installed it, and I'm yet a long way from having it configured truly usable (ie windows 7 :))... anyways, made a rookie mistake of adding an extension to a file when w8 hide them from me... so I ended up having a file that looked initially in W8 "test.jpg" but was actually "test.jpg.jpg"! -> file not found...

Duh, but problem solved with "show the bloody extensions please" magic :)

I managed to waste hour for this...