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Executable fails with 'missing fmod.dll' error (locked)Zethrax1Zethrax (2016)
texture does not exist even though it doesPolarix4H&K (2016)
Game doesn't work on new pc with Blitz3d 1.108 verMasood26RemiD (2016)
Elipsoid/sphere to box collision bugBankie3RemiD (2016)
Help needed to log in ?Alex. L.2Guy Fawkes (2016)
BLitz 3d not workingCharlie7779H&K (2016)
hosting a TCP server perm damages IDE/blitzccCanana3RemiD (2016)
Blitzcc not working properlyMathyDude15Canana (2016)
bug or wrong documentation ?(setbuffer and camera)RemiD8RemiD (2016)
An update is asked under Win8 and Win10Prym2_PJ_ (2016)
IDE Editor for Windows 8.1dw8176Dan (2016)
No bug using Blitz3D in Windows 10 !Xilvan11Rick Nasher (2016)
Drawing To TextureBuffer fails_PJ_3_PJ_ (2015)
Compile error with "Hello World"EpicElrod3Yasha (2015)
LoadImage displaying jpg bug blitz3d blitzplusDan3Dan (2015)
Timer Memory access violationlinkjay13_PJ_ (2015)
Not the normal help files shown with installPakz9simonh (2015)
Anti Aliasing Does Not WorkGabriel3rio29 (2014)
Error writing filePokebub3rio29 (2014)
Cannot see text on the IDErio294rio29 (2014)
Buggy Demo versionJillinger6GfK (2014)
Blitz3d Not loading correctlykimset5kimset (2014)
Blitz3D Version 1.108 and Windows 8.1 64 bitSteve Elliott6RemiD (2014)
Invisible Tracking in Blitz3d debugger-Rick-7Floyd (2014)
Linepick bug (failure) on TerrainRemiD2RemiD (2014)
Bug in CopyImage-command?Marcell3Marcell (2014)
Compiler Environment Error: unable to open runtimePacMani4PacMani (2014)
SetBuffer_ problem after v1.106 to v1.107yaragad1yaragad (2014)
Bug with ImageBuffers?Marcell6Marcell (2013)
Texture Buffers_PJ_3_PJ_ (2013)
Random Seeding_PJ_1_PJ_ (2013)
Blitz3d fullscreen only 30 hz on Windows 8Wings24GaryV (2013)
Availvidmem & Totalvidmem BugImphenzia10virtlands (2013)
problem with reading keyboard on Windows 7cyberyoyo6cyberyoyo (2013)
Using Replace to replace Chr 0 in string with ""Zethrax8jfk EO-11110 (2013)
KeyRepeat - forever problem (please confirm)Danny13Kryzon (2013)
Win8 64-bit + Blitz3D = doesn't work?Mustang3Mustang (2013)
slow coding in Windows 7Slomas5_PJ_ (2013)
Is this normal?AK473_PJ_ (2013)
Error While Running Ideal Refresh DefinitionsHardcoal6Bobysait (2013)
Undo countKippykip2Yasha (2013)
DISSAPERING GEOMETRY in W98SE -compatibity probMikorians24Mikorians (2013)
Issue with CreateTexture with no color flagZethrax3_PJ_ (2013)
Incorrect view of Russsian symbolsGamemaker16Yasha (2013)
Error in editor mode when compiling errorsYue4Yue (2012)
unloading memory (freeimage)ILonion3ILonion (2012)
bbcode turns <> into <;>Floyd1Floyd (2012)
Recent Programs ListsClyde2GfK (2012)
Memory access violationPolygon4Yue (2012)
2d graphic commands in Graphics3D modetsmpaul11tsmpaul (2012)
Error "Rect" + FastExt Shadow LodYue4Yue (2012)
Text() and non english charactersMr.Waterlily6Bobysait (2012)
Type gone and backFernhout9Yasha (2012)
Mesh just disappearsRoss C2Kryzon (2012)
Differences in compiled code and non-compiled codeNexinarus4Nexinarus (2011)
Blitz 3D and Vista?Neo Genesis109Nexinarus (2011)
If JoyHit(376)...lolRob the Great4Nexinarus (2011)
FP Errors or a bug? Trig functions_PJ_3_PJ_ (2011)
BLITZ3D when the limit is exceeded 32,000 lines osrickavzstx21rickavzstx (2011)
something strange about the Lower() functionOJay10Subirenihil (2011)
Arrays causing random crashes in B3D ?Blitzplotter4Blitzplotter (2011)
Blitz programs not running correctly (Win7)ChrisK3ChrisK (2011)
nothing exists - not even variablestsmpaul5andy_mc (2011)
Blitz3D executables not running on some setupsalain4_PJ_ (2011)
IDE - Sizelimit of SourcecodeFredor4Fredor (2011)
Blitz bug or something else?furbrain9furbrain (2011)
Small render viewport bugRob4Robert Cummings (2010)
Sprites seem very slow in 1.104Vorderman2jfk EO-11110 (2010)
Blitz3D not run with NVidea 3D VisionTFT (der Falke)10_PJ_ (2010)
Windows 7 and 3DXilvan8Xilvan (2010)
KeyDown() with Shift keys_PJ_3_PJ_ (2010)
Blitz3D Openscreen bug in Windows 7(tu) ENAY14(tu) ENAY (2010)
Sprites problem on Windows 7 still activeSLotman7marksibly (2010)
Equasion do not matchFernhout4Fernhout (2010)
ModifyTerrain - RealTime Parameter MAVThe_Nici5The_Nici (2010)
SpritesWarner3Fernhout (2010)
Another Array bug.Fernhout5Fernhout (2010)
Blitz operation stopped by embedded .ocxShifty Geezer1Shifty Geezer (2010)
Data types (locked)pc_tek1pc_tek (2010)
Blitz3D 3D not working 2D isMusicianKool2MusicianKool (2010)
rapid response IDE needed. is bmax the answer? (locked)stanrol1stanrol (2010)
Dim and include mixupFernhout2Dreamora (2010)
RotateImage Changes Size of Squaresrolow10_PJ_ (2010)
Texture BugMusicianKool5MusicianKool (2010)
W7 + Nvidia + sprites problemMadJack37SLotman (2010)
sep. code mediafire source functionstanrol3stanrol (2010)
Blitz 3D files full of viruses? please readgpete6puki (2010)
Integer Division not correct?BladeRunner13_PJ_ (2010)
No real black when using color 0,0,0BladeRunner9_PJ_ (2010)
Image mask an Nvidia DriverHenrik6GIB3D (2010)
MAV caused by "Line" ,,,?gburgess4gburgess (2010)
BlitzarraysSilver_Knee5Silver_Knee (2010)
Refresh Error in IDE 1.103WARIV1WARIV (2010)
Docs VertexCoordslabguy2551labguy255 (2010)
JoyHat()Caleb2Floyd (2010)
y_radius not correctRyanH2labguy255 (2010)
LoadFontClyde1Clyde (2010)
EntityName$() - Not working with Static MeshIan Caio3Ian Caio (2009)
Possible Bug - Buffers not working correctly? (locked)Serpent1Serpent (2009)
SetGfxDriver fails?_PJ_3_PJ_ (2009)
Collision problem (Blitz3D v1.98)PowerPC6032PowerPC603 (2009)
Problem with 1.103steve_ancell3steve_ancell (2009)
CurrentDate boundary causes MAV_PJ_5_PJ_ (2009)
Windows 7 Home (locked)ShadowTurtle1ShadowTurtle (2009)
bug in 1.102 ?chi3marksibly (2009)
Maplet bug (Assuming it goes here)Link3Link (2009)
Animate, CPU overload problemFlagDKT9FlagDKT (2009)
Cube mapping broken by updated video driverRyanH1RyanH (2009)
Debuglog string parametersxMicky3Floyd (2009)
Blitz Updatepc_tek3xlsior (2009)
codestanrol2GfK (2009)
MAV on LoadTexture with alpha (1.98)bye11TieBender (2009)
snmstanrol1stanrol (2009)
v1.99 & Vista issueGillissie6Xaron (2009)
limited Math in Blitz3d/2dKepu30Xaron (2009)
NumLock and Pause|Break key codes are reversedGIB3D2BossyBoy (2009)
Blitz 3D is Not Respomding (locked)PowerMeep1PowerMeep (2009)
Fileopen bug.Fernhout2skidracer (2009)
Hidepointer bug still aroundChroma5BladeRunner (2009)
Problems with Digital Right RemovalEsseEmmeErre1EsseEmmeErre (2009)
'abnormal program termination' on program endStorm81918Ross C (2009)
Possible bug with 3D sound listenerEtica5jfk EO-11110 (2009)
Running In SteamGIB3D1GIB3D (2009)
loadmesh b3d problemSantiworld5Charrua (2009)
*BUG* COPYENTITY b3d animmesh strange behaviour?FlagDKT19FlagDKT (2009)
Distance related Flickering?Kryzon5Kryzon (2009)
Not a bug, more a feature request for the forums_PJ_1_PJ_ (2009)
Problems using "Right" in Blitz3D 1.100Sake9061Sake906 (2009)
Problem with playing music (mp3)Marcell2Marcell (2009)
Win+L -> game to hanguriy2SLotman (2009)
Text command not using ColorSubirenihil1Subirenihil (2009)
Help -> Editor Copy, PasteMahan4Ross C (2009)
Falling through floor in highspeed collisionsKillerX4Wings (2009)
Cls does not work in fullscreenubergeek24Wings (2009)
580x819 pictureSacha23Panno (2009)
Return Bug ?Barton4Barton (2009)
SOUND BUGZeotrope1Zeotrope (2009)
Blitz Documents Homepage_PJ_3_PJ_ (2009)
Stack Overflow with Blitz3D & JV-ODEKestrel7Litobyte (2009)
PickedEntity (Docs + command)fireshadow41265lo-tekk (2009)
Wrong version displayed after update?Mat-o-Matic1Mat-o-Matic (2009)
SiS Mirage 3 Graphics cards are broken in Blitz3D(tu) ENAY2(tu) ENAY (2008)
MoveMouse bughockings2KillerX (2008)
Docs: Command Reference indexAxel Wheeler5hockings (2008)
Sprite tearing on NVidia 880GTXVorderman5H. T. U. (2008)
SeedRnd creates pattern?! (locked)H. T. U.1H. T. U. (2008)
Blitz3D has suddenly stopped working under VistaRiskjockey11MadJack (2008)
KeyHit() bugKillerX9_PJ_ (2008)
Bug with Texturemodes?EPS5Nate the Great (2008)
ClearTreeView on MacRalf612Ralf61 (2008)
Keydown/Keyhit don't detect Print Screen!SLotman4ubergeek (2008)
Docs: Instr() multiple matchesSpacechimp5Spacechimp (2008)
latest doc/manual version?jtassinari3jtassinari (2008)
Terrain issuesAxel Wheeler5Floyd (2008)
Blitz suddenly runs slow!!!! HELP!!!D_Town_Tony6Zeotrope (2008)
MAV on command ImagesCollideAnthony Sherratt10BIG BUG (2008)
Blitz3D IDE cropped my source_334_33 (2008)
Font BugPoliteProgrammer7John Blackledge (2008)
Help--Mem Access Violation ON ALL FILES!!dena8markcw (2008)
EntityOrder > 0 ignores existing ZBufferBIG BUG23Rob Farley (2008)
Request: Double data typesmarkcw31markcw (2008)
Problem rotating an entity via it's parentgilk2Floyd (2008)
CopyRect and alpha values_337Ross C (2008)
Can't compile on Tablet PC IBMGrace2JaredBailey (2008)
Calling a Blitz exe from Vbasiccaviedes2Dreamora (2008)
Bug in gnetRepeatUntil16Barton (2008)
invisible text in compilerJT2JT (2008)
Lockbuffer ->Memory access violationFlagDKT5FlagDKT (2008)
Unable to create 3d sceneWayne11FlagDKT (2008)
ClearTextureFilters() + alpha flag = MAV on VistaDoiron10Doiron (2008)
blue $ablade0071blade007 (2008)
Request: write to all of cubemap textureRoss C1Ross C (2008)
Request: Get Brush Propertiesjfk EO-111107Shodan (2008)
GetBrushTexture works not properlyShodan4jfk EO-11110 (2008)
Possible .b3d mesh collision errorsIPete21IPete2 (2008)
Camerapick + Terrain = bug?Tab23Tab (2008)
LoadImage bug?Jase4jfk EO-11110 (2007)
IDE bugSLotman2Abrexxes (2007)
Class of IP bug with IP integer carrier ?Etica2Etica (2007)
EntityInViewbig10p1big10p (2007)
Cpu is not really usedelcoo3elcoo (2007)
CreateTexture.Abrexxes7ZJP (2007)
Light Rotation bugxmlspy6John Blackledge (2007)
Memory Access ViolationUlises313Ulises31 (2007)
OpenFile does not work on a networkDimas2Dimas (2007)
Unable to set graphics mode above 800x600 fscharliex4_33 (2007)
expecting end-of-fileEviltoes3Subirenihil (2007)
Out Of Sync using 800x600 on a TFT monitorStu_ovine3Stu_ovine (2007)
Loadsprite and VistaShodan3Shodan (2007)
Odd cubemapping problemYasha2jfk EO-11110 (2007)
LoadSound / StopChannel / FreeSoundDirk Knoop2jfk EO-11110 (2007)
Blitz3D IDE bugs on big source files_3311_33 (2007)
TFormNormal not working? (locked)big10p1big10p (2007)
Severe slowdown with B3D and MD2 after v1.88Doiron35Doiron (2007)
Line and Origin bug.Floyd3TomToad (2007)
Problem with EntityParentbig10p5big10p (2007)
problems with scaleimage and load textureJim753Jim75 (2007)
Unable to Use Editor/Text not visibleCasmara4Fuller (2007)
full screen modeblade0076blade007 (2007)
Surfaces!!!Boiled Sweets5Boiled Sweets (2007)
Antialias_337Gabriel (2007)
Problem with integrated graphicsjfk EO-111104jfk EO-11110 (2007)
Createbank(1)Abrexxes3Abrexxes (2007)
using exponents with float (locked)_331_33 (2007)
oddness with copied blended animated meshesMadJack6MadJack (2007)
Playmusic bug_338_33 (2007)
Text & MaskImageGillissie9t3K|Mac (2007)
OpenMovie problemRadek3jfk EO-11110 (2007)
Source > 1MBDirk Knoop8jfk EO-11110 (2007)
Debuglogchaos517chaos51 (2007)
Random Numberschaos515chaos51 (2007)
DVI montior timing problem in windowed modeQuickSilva5QuickSilva (2007)
Runtime Error in VistaKnotz20@rtur (2007)
RenderWorld bug?Flame4Flame (2007)
Dim bugFernhout3Fernhout (2007)
MAV when using clipboardRob Buckley4markcw (2007)
Sound broken on some cardsSkitchy3@rtur (2007)
MAV on Ctrl+Alt+Del@rtur9DGuy (2007)
"" not equal Zerojfk EO-111103jfk EO-11110 (2007)
Cameraviewport and camerapickslenkar2Damien Sturdy (2007)
Cannot see source (locked)ss1ss (2007)
Blitz3D won't startKed6Gillissie (2007)
LoadTexture must have flag 1Gillissie3Gillissie (2007)
Mipmaps failed with Texture-Flag 256Shodan6Shodan (2007)
MAV with CreateMirror and alphaSLotman4jfk EO-11110 (2007)
LoadTexture() can't load cube-mapDanny2Shodan (2007)
Where comes the line from...Silver_Knee10Stevie G (2007)
ImageHeight Bug with ATI ??Barton3Gillissie (2007)
DeltaRollBoiled Sweets2Stevie G (2007)
LoadMesh b3dH. T. U.6Ross C (2007)
Font BugEPS5EPS (2007)
Debug mode MAV if MD2 animation speed is too bigPlacekeeper2Placekeeper (2007)
JoyType() bug*7steve_ancell (2007)
pitch/yaw/rollb324b32 (2007)
EOF error messageRaul9jfk EO-11110 (2007)
directx vertex limitmindstorms1mindstorms (2007)
Is Blitz3d Discontinued?FlagDKT5H&K (2006)
JVODE &amp; Wii (locked)Wayne1Wayne (2006)
assignmentmindstorms3mindstorms (2006)
TabTip.exe interferes with BlitzLane7Amanda Dearheart (2006)
PlayMusic needs a FreeMusicTranz11Fernhout (2006)
debug errorFernhout8Fernhout (2006)
Blitz3D won't work with vista correctly...t3K|Mac17Dreamora (2006)
trim() removes german special charsHWMann3@rtur (2006)
GetActiveWindow() for fullscreen 3D mode.@rtur7@rtur (2006)
DirectPlay Timeout ValueJeremy Alessi1Jeremy Alessi (2006)
some help pleasezack377Floyd (2006)
Texture loading errorelcoo11Damien Sturdy (2006)
Hardware incompatibilityAl Mackey5t3K|Mac (2006)
texturebuffer not working with DDSD4NM4N5D4NM4N (2006)
Memory leak in v1.97?moOch4markcw (2006)
MAV when unlocking workstationfetcher3Danny (2006)
PlayMusic(), bug report + questionPaolo2markcw (2006)
Old Cube Mapping BugGabriel4GfK (2006)
Poss DeleteFile bug?Chalky6markcw (2006)
Crash when leaving screensaver (locked)KimoTech1KimoTech (2006)
Viewculling...a bug?WildStorm13QuickSilva (2006)
"User Lib not found" if runtime.dll is in PATHPlacekeeper2Placekeeper (2006)
Not really important but just to let you knowPaolo5Sledge (2006)
BSP rendering peculiaritiesSledge1Sledge (2006)
Image loading errorbytecode779Damien Sturdy (2006)
No mpuse connceted - no blitzbasic!t3K|Mac19t3K|Mac (2006)
AlphaMaps vs. MultiTexturing on terrain?KimoTech3Damien Sturdy (2006)
Linepick/Camerapick. Massive speed difference...Ross C5Ross C (2006)
Spyware in Blitz installer??!!! (locked)PsychicParrot1PsychicParrot (2006)
Bug in mouseZspeed()Ross C7Ross C (2006)
Stack Overflow error in 1.96?GfK6John Blackledge (2006)
i need blitzide.prefsn8r2k3n8r2k (2006)
Blitz Runtime Window too tallPicklesworth11John Blackledge (2006)
Help-file "bleedthrough" in blitz-IDEberten4berten (2006)
Array bug. (locked)????5Kepu (2006)
JoyHit does the same as JoyDownTeddyfles9Teddyfles (2006)
SLI Update ?RGR11Ross C (2006)
Can't see source code at all (locked)ozak8Steven Noyce (2006)
IDE broken or somethingjfk EO-1111012Damien Sturdy (2006)
Swapfile errorFernhout6Fernhout (2006)
3D Sound distortion and UpdateWorld()lo-tekk1lo-tekk (2006)
CollisionsRob Pearmain3Rob Pearmain (2006)
Blitz crashes with high CreateTimer valueRoss C7TomToad (2006)
Incorrect Floating Point comparisons with NaNoctothorpe12jfk EO-11110 (2006)
Blitz3D crashes with a chord-sound?KimoTech7jfk EO-11110 (2006)
1280/1024=1? (locked)Osoko1Osoko (2006)
NO undo in blitz3d IDEBoulderdash9Steven Noyce (2006)
Stability on target PC'sStone8Stone (2006)
Debug globals all show as 0 and Null?octothorpe8big10p (2006)
Included Tutorial ErrorPaul Murray6Picklesworth (2006)
TCP bug...Flame6Wings (2006)
Installation problemlastring6lastring (2006)
Memory leak remains in 1.94Damien Sturdy22King Dave (2006)
math remainders not showing in 1.94ICECAP5Ross C (2006)
Cubemapping bug?KimoTech3KimoTech (2006)
PlayMovieSubirenihil7Sub_Zero (2006)
LightColor + Shininess bugfredborg3DJWoodgate (2006)
Scan Code Docs in HelpLazylimey2VIP3R (2006)
Blitz not liking 3rd party ides...MikeP (Dark Mist Software)3Damien Sturdy (2006)
IF bug THEN tell meBoulderdash4Boulderdash (2006)
If ... Then func() Else ...octothorpe10jfk EO-11110 (2006)
Filename problem in LoadMesh and LoadAnimMeshMikele6big10p (2006)
Memory leak in 1.93Ross C13Ross C (2006)
1.93 probablem loading meshesJohn Pickford6Mikele (2006)
VertexColor and TextureFlag 4Midnight2jfk EO-11110 (2006)
TextureName$(...) and PaintEntity/EntityTextureKimoTech3KimoTech (2006)
Bug in update 1.92msx1234marksibly (2006)
ATI and addvertex/addtrianglecassandra4jfk EO-11110 (2006)
What the....???big10p22Ross C (2006)
non-terminated string still compilesJams3Damien Sturdy (2006)
Exporting issuesRifRaf7BlitzSupport (2006)
Yet another collision bug,Paolo1Paolo (2006)
Delay while reading data though com port..spiff6Crazidemon (2005)
ScaleEntity bugDustin3jfk EO-11110 (2005)
Multiple texture brush bug!Boiled Sweets3jfk EO-11110 (2005)
Bug with LoopsoundFredMe11FredMe (2005)
Load Order WrongEmerGki5tonyg (2005)
Index 0 drawn as whiteWolRon5Matty (2005)
ATI crash on RenderWorldozak2Matty (2005)
Huge slowdown on Pentiums.@rtur4HappyCat (2005)
Types & variable time mismatchWildStorm10Fernhout (2005)
ProjectedXYD4NM4N3big10p (2005)
Print white on white paperFernhout4Fernhout (2005)
Missing Faces?asdfasdf2TeraBit (2005)
SOS I got DirectX bug can anyone help?DJScaN5Neochrome (2005)
Fonts on windows 98 not showing up?ryan scott5big10p (2005)
flip error imageSideExtreme1SideExtreme (2005)
Blitz3D v1.90 Buggy!!!white_snake200310Barton (2005)
Collisions -sample code-slenkar4Rottbott (2005)
Startup ErrormoOch3moOch (2005)
Interesting one...BlitzSupport3* (2005)
Collision Inconsistency in Debug ModeMatty1Matty (2005)
Really wierd keyboard and mouse buggburgess11gburgess (2005)
Odd issue using LoadImageSir_LANs-a-lot2big10p (2005)
Full windown bug with Intel display cardsupply3Damien Sturdy (2005)
Problem with using DLL'sClyde8Clyde (2005)
Stop works without debugPicklesworth1Picklesworth (2005)
Several Dx9 BugsDocFritz4Yan (2005)
Surface/vertex error with B3d loaderGrumpyOldMan6GrumpyOldMan (2005)
*** Where did my bug report go? *** (locked)simonh1simonh (2005)
*** Notes on posting bug reports *** (locked)marksibly1marksibly (2005)